Vegan Athlete Black Essentials Shorts

Vegan Athlete Black Essentials Shorts

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Show off those legs in these short shorts printed Vegan Athlete signature print in the right leg, The hassle-free design means they can be mixed and matched with our Neon Vegan Athlete crop hoodie and other items from our Vegan Power Collection. 

90% polyester, 10% cotton.

We've sourced our 100% recycled polyester from Jiaren, one of the few companies in the world able to infinitely recycle polyester fiber without causing the loss of quality by using ECO-CIRCLE™ technology.

Our 100% recycled nylon fibers are GREENLON® nylon yarns that save energy up to 8.5% and water up to 84%, whilst reducing up to 77% of CO2 emission.

The result is Vegan Athlete a sustainable, earth-friendly collection. 



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